We allow for a maximum of 3 people at our group training sessions, this ensures that each person receives the full benefit of working with a personal trainer and nutritional adviser.

The group training sessions at Hideaway Fitness incorporate exercises that you will enjoy as a team and allow you to work towards your goals in unison. Each training session is designed to help you burn maximum calories and along with the nutritional guidance you will receive from us, we will give you the best chance at reaching your fitness and wellbeing dreams.

Group training sessions can offer you many different benefits: They help you to motivate each other; Allow you to share the cost; Give you time to enjoy each others company; Make you become accountable to one another and will help you to push each other to train harder. So gather some friends and book in for one of our group training sessions.

All of our group fitness and nutrition programmes start with an initial free one hour consultation this is where we gather information which allows us to develop a comprehensive fitness and nutrition plan which willwork soley for you as an individual.This will give you the best chance of reaching your fitness and well being goals. Like our fitness sessions all of our consultations are completely private and our studio is a non-judgemental space which makes are clients feel at ease.

  • Your current fitness levels
  • Your lifestyle and Diet
  • Your goals, breaking them down into specific, measurable and realistic targets that we can monitor over time. This is the most efficient and reliable way to achieve your goals.
  • Barriers which have previously prevented you from exercising or achieving your fitness aims.
  • Injuries or illnesses which may affect your progress
  • How to self-motivate
  • Exercises which you enjoy
  • Nutritional plans which would work best for you and your lifestyle